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for Interior Design
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About Company

Wizart provides its cutting edge Computer Vision/Augmented Reality technology for interior design solutions to simplify interior visualization and boost sales for the Retail & Distribution world.

The technology

Neural network-based computer vision.

A realistic result that preserves the perspectives, scale and shadows


Be your own designer

Computer vision at your imagination`s service

Optimization of the consultant`s job

Show the customer new interior design ideas in just a few clicks


Assistant to the retail salesperson and the customer

Integration options

  • An internet store plug-in;

  • A workspace or self-service Terminal at the sales outlet;

  • A mobile application with warehouse integration.

The benefit

A win-win situation for the salesperson and the customer

The customer:

Easier selection and purchase

The salesperson:

Higher sales volume


Our technologies — your sales

Meet our team

The core team has extensive experience(more than 15+ years) in creating and running its own IT business (sales, operations, HR/PR and so on).

We have an engineering team with strong technical talents (we have been involved in more than 50 startups as an outsource team).

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